Thursday, January 26, 2017

Vuejs components catalogues

Every library that's going big deserves a plugins/tools/components listing. You know probably for Angular or for react folks, right?
I've collected the ones on Vue.js below:
For searching - 4 of 5, live search that provides all package detals repository stats
If you want to add a plugin it's even easier - website uses Github API so you just pick the relevant repos from you accounts(s). aims to offer latest free Vue.js components for web application developers. Compare to totally automated previous item, this was slightly more catalogue-like UI and some personal touch - about, contact us etc.

Large portal all about Vue.js. Has a rich plugins section also take a look at UI components there.
Semi-official hand crafted awesome list all what's cool in vue.js ecosystem.

To add several more, I've overlooked:

Do you know any other popular listings of vue-related plugins and tools?
Let me know in the comment or in twitter @legkoletat!


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