Tuesday, March 14, 2017

voice reading RSS feeds with Python

Here is a small Python script that can read arbitrary RSS feed and later read it to you by voice. As an example I have RSS feeds from two websites: yandex.ru and news.ycombinator.com loaded in Russian and English language respectively. It has following dependencies: gTTS (google text to speach module, core function) also pyglet and feedparser.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Правила разработки компонетов Vue

Недавно решил перевести хорошую подборку советов по тому как лучше писать компоненты Vue.js чтобы потом ими было удобно пользоваться. если выкинуть framework-specific то подходит к любому компонентно-ориентированному фреймворку (Angular2, Angular + 1.6, ReactJS, Polymer) да и к любому модульному коду вообще.

Перевод еще в процессе, осталось 4 жирных пункта.
05.03.2017 UPD Все закончил, автор исходного репо смерджил мой текст.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Vuejs components catalogues

Every library that's going big deserves a plugins/tools/components listing. You know probably ngmodules.org for Angular or react.rocks for react folks, right?
I've collected the ones on Vue.js below:
For searching - 4 of 5, live search that provides all package detals repository stats
If you want to add a plugin it's even easier - website uses Github API so you just pick the relevant repos from you accounts(s).

Vuescript.com aims to offer latest free Vue.js components for web application developers. Compare to totally automated previous item, this was slightly more catalogue-like UI and some personal touch - about, contact us etc.


Large portal all about Vue.js. Has a rich plugins section also take a look at UI components there.

Semi-official hand crafted awesome list all what's cool in vue.js ecosystem.

To add several more, I've overlooked:

Do you know any other popular listings of vue-related plugins and tools?
Let me know in the comment or in twitter @legkoletat!


Thursday, January 19, 2017

vue.js essential community links

When staring with using new technology or library you first have to clarify the basic concepts. When you master whose you're diving into practice and then it's always handy to see what's you colleagues do or do in is similar cases. Below are some links on the community activities that a starter could follow to better master Vue.js:

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

vue.js plugins

Recently I've spent some time with vue.js framework. I've been tweeting about it a lot, plus developed several small functional plugins/app for it.

vue.js content scroll progress plugin

Top bar indicating amount of content scrolled
Install: npm install vue-content-scroll-progress --save

vue.js lorem ipsum

Lorem ipsum text generator component for vue.js
Install: npm install vue-lorem-ipsum --save

vue.js sound player

HTML5 <audio> tag sound player UI for Vue.js v2

Install: npm install vue-audio --save

vue.js CRUD app

Demo app with router

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Strategy and Factory patterns in Typescript

I've recently read the dzone article Design Patterns: The Strategy and Factory Patterns which gives clean example of how design patterns such as Strategy and Factory patterns can improve code structure in every day programming tasks.
I've converted the JAVA syntax used in the article to Typescript, to see how close are the language constructs in those two. Here's the gist with the code: