Wednesday, July 8, 2015

ReactJS links and information collection

Open-source Javascript library for creating user interfaces developed by Facebook team. Its initial release was in 2013, and stable version was only in late 2014 (0.12.2). It has soft learning curve, thanks to simple idea of encapsulated UI-elements-and-JS-components communicating to each other using set of defined ways. ReactJS production is ~128 KiB.

First, to read

Tutorials and demos 

ReactJS Components libraries

Must know component properties/methods

  • getInitialState - This is called before our render function. The object that is returned is assigned to this.state, so we can use it later.
  • componentDidMount - When the component loads, you can for example send a jQuery AJAX request
  • componentWillUnmount - This method is called immediately before the component is removed from the page and destroyed
  • setState / replaceState - set values into componet state
  • this.props - to access parameters passed from the parent
  • this.state - to manage dynamic data.
  • this.refs - to use DOM nodes references (via ref="myInput" attribute in render method)
  • ... more in

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